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English Speaking Course

In this advance English speaking course we strategize your skills so you can quickly enhance your English speaking. This course will help you to improve basic, intermediate & advance English speaking. By the end of this course you will be able to communicate with anybody around the globe whether Indians or your clients from overseas. It will help you to crack any interview of any MNC in any country. It will also help you to work comfortably & get promoted. Many English speaking classes focus on grammar & written English instead of speaking English confidently nut at Jenis you will have more practice of speaking until you speak English perfectly. We understand that you know English language but when it comes to speaking, you lose your confidence. According to that we have designed the course material through which you will begin to speak English correctly in a very short time.

We don't only work on grammar and sentence construction, our main focus is daily basis communication, Presentation, Interview skills Personality Development and Public Speaking with proper English language expression as well Pronunciation.

Our spoken English class is designed for professionals, job seekers and housewives.We conduct GD, Presentation, and debates in our spoken English class to work on your public speaking skills. We also work on your sentence formation and grammar if necessary. We take care of your communication skills from the beginning if necessary. Our interactive sessions, well trained trainers & friendly environment makes you fluent in English Speaking in no time. You can choose batch timing according to your convenience at our any Branch since we have batches throughout the day. Our curriculum is ideal & self designed which helps you Speaking English within a short time span. Our main focus is speaking and communication. We understand that many people can’t attend classes on weekdays but they wish to work on their communication skills. So we came up with the WEEKEND special batches so that they also could work on their communication and speak English fluently.

We use an interactive training method to improve your Grammar, Tenses, Question Framing and sentence formation. We focus on oral and written communication skills and improve your formal way of speaking English with public speaking, presentation skills and Group Discussions. We conduct voice and accent training, soft skills training and spoken English training program for IT and Management professionals, call centers, Engineering students and housewives. Our goal is to assist English language learners to achieve their communication goals in a Practical and meaningful way. We learn Languages by environment and it develops from a desire to communicate with the world around. Language fluency depends upon social interaction. We use language differently from Person to Person and we express ourselves from situation to situation. As it is a known fact that practice makes language perfect so keeping this in mind we have designed this training programs. At Jenis Institution you get an environment and more speaking practice on Public speaking, Presentations Skills, group discussion, pronunciation than the theoretical Grammar learning so that you easily adapt fluency in English.

If your promotion is delayed, you are not getting placed or you want to be a fluent Public speaker and communicate very well with the world then this course solves your all English speaking related issues in a very short period of time.

A good presentation can inspire, influence & motivate an audience. - improve your presentation skills in short time; - learn to structure presentation & project idea with confidence from start to till the end -handle A&Q, How to grab & hold audience attention from the beginning to till the end. - learn Verbal communication – voice, tone, word, speed & intonation Non verbal communication, posture, gesture facial expression

Presentations techniques are essential to influence, inspire & motivate an audience, and you clearly know how important to be able to convey ideas & message to an audience and how to grab attention to influence & inform. Practice makes English Language Perfect! keeping this thing in mind; that we have designed this Training Programs mainly for Professionals Communicators. We understand that you read, write and understand English Language very well but when it comes to speak English, your confidence shakes. Why? Because the basic Concepts of Speaking English aren't clear right since the beginning of learning the English Language. This Program mainly focuses on Effective Communication skills. Including the Speaking English, Writing, English, Reading English and Pronouncing, this English peaking course also helps you to get your basic Concept clear.

We already have trained thousands of professionals. We have an environment and expert Trainers who assist you to transform your English Language.

Having 9 years of experience in spoken English and 7 branches our observation says that people's knowledge of English is really good. They understand English very easily but when it comes to speaking English, they can’t. In spite of having knowledge they are unable to convey it and this happens because their grammatical concepts are unclear. Here we get their concepts right & make them believe that whatever they speak is right. We make them participate more in conversations, group discussions & presentations which results in a raise in their confidence so speaking English becomes very easy for them.

During your training you will learn Presentation skills, how to showcase your skills, how to make job wining resume & how to face telephonic rounds. Now you don't have to travel Pune for best classes for spoken English & Interview Training since we have provided the option near you. We make sure that you have high proficiency in spoken English so you don't have to struggle in your professional life. Previously people had to travel a lot for best classes but now the one doesn't have to wonder if there is best class near me for spoken English. We have opened 6 branches in Pimpri Chinchwad and near.

  • Vocabulary building

  • Grammar

  • Parts of Speech

  • Sentences Formation with Tenses

  • Active and Passive English

  • Modal Auxiliaries and uses

  • Everyday Conversational Phrases

  • Formal & Informal English conversation

  • Story Writing

  • Idioms, proverb & phrasal verb

  • Cognitive Interview techniques

  • Group discussion

  • Debating

  • Extempore

  • Presentation techniques

  • Communication skills

  • English language Fluency

  • Public speaking

  • and more......

We have an environment and expert Trainers at our branches that assist you to transform your English Language and Personality. As our spoken English class is designed for professionals, jobseekers and housewives. Practice makes English Language Perfect! Keeping this in mind we have designed this Training Programs mainly for Professionals Communicators.

We keep maximum 7-8 people in one class since it is easy to give you personal attention and work on your progress in an hour if there are less people. In English speaking class we focus more on speaking and grammar only which is helpful to communicate with people. We have branches all over Pimpri chinchwad. we make sure that you have high proficiency in spoken English so you don't have to struggle in your professional life. So don't think which class is best near me. Do visit us and find it out for yourself..

Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club the community of the speakers of that language.

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